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Blackjack Info

Blackjack Info
Blackjack, this is a game that probably everyone who has ever been to a casino or even watched a casino related movie is familiar with. Blackjack is by far the most common casino game to be found and stands at par with slots, poker and roulette in terms of popularity. Here is some useful blackjack info that gives you insight into the history of the game and how and why this game is so popular among players today.

The History of Blackjack
But when did it all begin? Where did this game come from? Well unfortunately no one really knows where the game actually sprouted up from. In fact if you scourge through the net you will find several theories that researches have put forward. But when you think about it, the blurry blackjack history makes it even more impressive. It’s like the game has just always been there for as far as people can remember. Anyway some believe that Blackjack might have originated in the early 17th century in France but was known as ‘Vingt Et un’ there, which in French means 21. This game was slightly different from the blackjack we play today, but it is believed that this French game led to the creation of the game of blackjack. In Vignt et un, dealers are allowed to double and players were allowed to bet after each round.

Several games are believed to have influenced the game. Around the same time a game called Seven and a Half was quite popular in Italy. The game was played with face cards and 7s, 8s and 9s and the goal was to make hand that made seven and a half points. If the points went over 7 and ½ it was a bust. It is believed that the concept of “busting” came from this Italian card game.

Around the 19th century the game was introduced in the United States on account of the French Revolution. The French came to America and brought along with them their gambling games too. But in the 1930, gambling games were banned by the US government because they believed they corrupted society and encourage organized crime. Casino games went underground and started becoming a secret fad. At first blackjack didn’t really kick off as much as casinos had expected. But soon, casinos offered special payouts on 10 to 1 odds if the player made a natural 21 with a hand comprising of a black jack (spade or clubs) and a Ace of spades. The popularity of the skyrocketed and the game picked up the name Blackjack which stuck well so to speak.

The game was played all over the United States and was gaining popularity and the first ever attempt to study the game was made in 1953 by Roger Baldwin and his associates. And in 1956 they published the book “Optimum Strategy in Blackjack’. This marked the foundation or professional playing where people could study and apply strategy and reduce the house edge.

“Beat the Dealer” was the nest major breakthrough in the study of blackjack and was written by Professor Edward O. Thorp. The book gave a deeper insight into the game and strategy and used the theories of mathematics and science to study the odds of the game and create strategy.

With the establishment and growth of the World Wide Web in 1990’s gambling was raised to a new platform when the first online casino went live in 1995. The casino offered over 18 casino games including some blackjack games.

Online casinos gained success and soon thousands of them appeared online and blackjack is a game that is offered at every online casino. Some casinos offer special bonuses for playing blackjack and some other offer a variety of blackjack variations. Online blackjack offers the same entertainment and challenge as its land based version and is extremely popular among player. In fact there are entire casinos dedicated to the game and other casinos offer special blackjack tournaments with huge prize pools.

The game may have a vague history but it is sure to have a fantastic future with so many players playing the game all over the world.

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